2.8, 3.2, 3.6, 4.2, 4.7 MAMMOTH KIT

The perfect technological match - Kenne Bell and the fabulous Ford 5.4 4V. Never have there been kits with so much HP potential and flexibility in choice and never has there been a Ford engine like the 5.4 4V. The Shelby 5.4 engineered cars are strong and durable because they were designed specifically for a supercharger. Best of all, the 5.4 4V has tremendous HP potential, given the Kenne Bell supercharger and inlet component upgrades.

We Replace the stock restrictive 60mm throttle body and inlet tube with the Kenne Bell Dual 75mm or 168mm Throttle Body and Gimme 5 Inlet System (+26-74HP depending on pulley size).

We’ve published a lot of information on the Shelby, but the following HP examples will explain why we talk so much about inlet systems. If we’ve learned one thing Since 1991, it is KEEP INLET SYSTEM LOSSES TO A MINIMUM. Supercharger size, efficiency and even boost are secondary if the inlet system is undersized and cannot supply sufficient air flow to the supercharger. It acts as a restrictor plate. Like a 2bbl carburetor on a 500” engine. The supercharger must spin faster to make up for the inlet boost loss. It then uses MORE engine HP to make the same boost. Oops! Remember that inlet restrictions LOWER the atmospheric pressure into the supercharger - and the actual boost the engine therefore sees. It’s a lose-lose situation. This is why the Kenne Bell 168mm manifold, throttle body etc. are so important to the HP a supercharger develops. See FAQ's Supercharger boost vs. inlet loss.

Our kits were designed to leave no one hanging and wishing they could step up the power with some quick simple supercharger bolt ons. Note that any one poor flowing component can limit the flow of the other inlet parts anywhere in the chain. The mammoth sized Kenne Bell Dual 75mm “Mammothfold” flows more air than even the big 75mm throttle body. It blows away the competition. The engine makes more power because the supercharger uses less engine HP with a cooler air discharge temp.

For max performance above 550RWHP, the 168mm throttle body is recommended up to 1500RWHP.

                                                                        3.2LC LIQUID COOLED SHELBY
The then “big” Kenne Bell 2.8 upgrade was introduced in 2007. Today, Shelby owners continue to demand more HP from their engines via superchargers, bolt ons, built forged engines and higher octane pump E85. All of the above require a larger supercharger. Our new 3.2LC was engineered specifically for these applications.
The popular 3.6 has been the #1 choice for the street Shelby for years. Shelby chose the 3.6LC for their Super Snake 850HP and 1000HP cars with their own hood, as the dimensionally larger 3.6 doesn’t fit under the stock hood.
The new 3.2LC is the only 3L that fits under the stock hood. It is the exact external dimensions as the 2.8 but with even larger diameter BIG BORE rotors. The larger re-profiled rotors pump an additional 3 psi (60HP) while using up to 40 less engine HP (lower PC) to drive the supercharger. And because of the lower RPM, higher efficiency and Patented Liquid Cooling (ordered on 95% of all Shelby Kits), the 3.2LC makes for the ideal Shelby street-strip kit.
Only 3L to fit under stock hood.
Rated 1200HP (1060RWHP)
Larger displacement (40% greater than little stock 2.3 and 72% over a 2.1).
Cooler air charge temps.
Lower supercharger RPM at same boost.
+3 psi (60HP) vs. 2.8 with same pulley.
Liquid Cooled standard.
Up to 40HP less PC.
1069HP (909RWHP) @ 23 psi, E85 pump, stock motor with 3.2LC Kit (see dyno tests).
                                                                        COMPLETE KIT vs. BOLT ONS
The 40% larger displacement 3.2LC is a complete bolt on factory tuned kit with fuel system. It costs less in parts and labor while offering far more HP potential than an undersized 2.1 or 2.3L supercharger with all the bolt ons (pulley kit, tensioner, belt, damper, inlet kit, throttle body, x pipe, cat back, tuner, BOOST-A-PUMP® and headers (see comparison).

Except for our Authorized Kenne Bell Installers, the majority of parts dealers (speed shops, web vendors, and other retailers) typically do not “recommend” Kenne Bell superchargers. The reason is simple. THEY CAN’T BUY, SELL THEM AND MAKE A PROFIT. So they recommend what they CAN sell at a profit. We can’t really blame them, but it’s been our way of doing business since 1968 - and we’re still here, stronger than ever - selling factory direct to our customers or Installer/Dealers.

All Kenne Bell supercharger kits are designed, assembled, calibrated and tuned in house and then sold and serviced (tech support, repairs, warranty etc). factory direct. Selling factory direct to our customers and select Authorized Installers/Dealers eliminates the middleman (web retailer) profit enabling us to offer a better product for less money. And Kenne Bell kits are complete with the industry’s best Installation Instructions. Our kits are not “finished up” or cobbled together by some web vendor and custom tuned by yet another. There are no hidden extras, add ons, custom tuning, agendas etc. And they are 50 State Legal.

Compare the advantage of buying factory direct, the features, what’s included, and all that “room to grow” and you’ll see that a Kenne Bell kit offers far more but can actually cost less than the competition. And it makes more HP.


$______ Kenne Bell Factory Direct Tech Support. Best Mustang tech people in industry.

$______ 1000HP fuel system (DUAL BOOST-A-PUMP™). More reliable / less heat than larger pumps.

$______ Pump voltage / fuel delivery / pressure regulated 100% accuracy with Dual BOOST-A-PUMP™.

$______ Mammoth Dual 75/168mm manifold.

$______ Dual 75mm or 168mm Throttle bodies

$______ Intergral meter.

$______ Billet (not cast) high rpm - high boost Twin Screw. Less heat soak from engine heat.

$______ Room to grow. TVS 2.3 Roots Style very limited on HP potential vs. KB 2.8, 3.2, 3.6, 4.2, 4.7 Twin Screw.

$______ Includes all gaskets.

$______ Includes instructions (some kits don't furnish instructions).

$______ All kits include stronger billet motor mounts

$______ 3.2, 2.8 fits under stock hood. 3.6, 4.2, 4.7 require engine lowering kit and motor mounts or hood.

2.8, 3.2, 5.4 ('07 - '12)
The Eaton's (90, 112, TVS 2.3) all make or made "good power." So does a non supercharged engine make "good power." The Twin Screw, as always, simply makes "MORE" power." The Twin Screw costs more but look at all that HP potential and the capacity/boost difference (3.2L vs. 2.3L).The Kenne Bell 3.2LC (Liquid Cooled) is the ideal upgrade for the Ford OEM Eaton TVS 2.3L. Engineered by Kenne Bell to be second to none.

SUPERCHARGER – INLET MANIFOLD DESIGN & HP POTENTIAL (ONE PIECE vs TWO PIECE) Any superchargers potential is ALWAYS limited by the inlet system. If the inlet manifold is too small, it becomes the restriction to higher HP. Imagine an engine block and inlet manifold cast as a “one piece” casting that cannot be separated. An intergral supercharger – inlet manifold casting is used by the OEM because it costs less to manufacture. Unfortunately, the manifold cannot be replaced or upgraded for a larger throttle body, etc. and “porting” results in minimal, if any, gains. So if it is too small for your HP requirments, you are stuck as both the manifold and supercharger are undersized. Kenne Bell billet superchargers and cast inlet manifolds are independent of each other and larger than the competition. They may cost more, but larger manifolds coupled to larger and/or more efficient superchargers means more HP for your dollar up front – and more room to grow.

The Kenne Bell Mammoth Manifolds (Ford, Dodge & Camaro) incorporate a huge 79mm x 168mm opening to accommodate the huge Dual 75mm (1880 CFM) or Mammoth 168MM (2150 – 2350 CFM) Throttle bodies. A big HP throttle body doesn’t work very well on an “undersized” supercharger inlet manifold.

Click here for Mammoth System Tech

Click here for engine vs. chassis dyno tests & HP ratings

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Largest displacement 3L and 4L billet Twin Screws.
4x6 lobe rotors vs. 3x5 and 4x4 for competition
Patented Liquid Cooled for cooler air charge / oil temps, higher RPM, boost and HP.
Patented Spring Bypass
Patented SPE (Seal Pressure Equalizer) for longer seal life. Also protects bearings from alcohol injection.
Highest cfm inlet (Gimme 5). 2073 cfm vs 1850 (best competition)
Largest/highest cfm Shelby throttle bodies available
Largest Inlet Manifolds (168MM X 79MM vs 148MM x 66MM)
Lowest PC (engine HP required to drive supercharger)
All billet construction for durability
Industry leading 2000HP rated Hi Density Intercooler (optional)
Liquid Cooled 3.2 fits under stock hood*. No new hood or "Body Lift-Engine Lowering Kit" required.
Most flexible kit design. Easy to “step up” for racing or “dial down” for street with easy pulley change or Kenne Bell   bolt ons.
Largest 168mm Manifold for most HP, lowest parasitic losses and coolest air charge.
Standard “Mammoth” 168mm Inlet Manifold accepts exclusive Kenne Bell Dual 75mm or 168mm Mammoth 2150 and   2350   Throttle Bodies.
Kenne Bell designed Dual 75mm Throttle Body (+26-74HP low restriction meter/filter (48-63HP). Eliminates “mixing   and matching” parts from others. 168mm is up to 40 more at higher HP levels.
 BIG BORE™ 2.8, 3.2, 3.6, 4.2, 4.7 (2.0 PR).
Billet anodized or polished case vs. painted cast aluminum.
Largest selection (3.2, 3.6, 4.2, 4.7)
Kenne Bell Flash Tuner included with each kit.
Exclusive Kenne Bell Dual BOOST-A-PUMP™ included with all kits. Larger pumps, fuel rails, lines etc. not required up   to   1000HP.
Smog Legal. EGR etc. not removed.
Tested by Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords and 5.0 Mustang Magazine.
Quick easy install.
Complete kit. No cobbling together a grab bag of parts and then paying a tuner to make it all work.


The secret to the Kenne Bell kit’s superior performance is the exclusive mammoth sized 168mm x 79mm Inlet Manifold, Inlet system and matching Dual 75mm or 168mm Throttle Body. No other kit has it. Supercharger size and efficiency are meaningless if even ONE inlet system component is restrictive or undersized. That’s the best way to kill HP and efficiency (boost, temp and parasitic loss) with ANY positive displacement supercharger i.e. makes it work harder. So, at what HP level does the little stock 60mm throttle body begin starving a supercharged Shelby and killing off HP? One look at our back to back - one change at a time Kenne Bell Shelby dyno tests tells us the answer is approx. 435HP, the average for a STOCK Shelby. So don’t buy a larger throttle body for any Shelby supercharger that only makes 435RWHP @ 6200. At a mere 435HP, the 60mm begins to show it’s limitations. Then at 6300 rpm, the 75mm pulls away by 26HP (658 vs. 632)! And in the 700HP range, the highly restrictive stock 60mm is choking the supercharger off even more by up to 74HP. Note the higher the HP/air flow, the greater the power gains from larger inlet components. Again, ANY positive displacement supercharger responds especially well to a SERIES of larger inlet components (throttle body, hose, meter, filter). If ONE is restrictive, it chokes off the air flow to ALL of the others, including the supercharger. Anyone who doubts that Kenne Bell 75mm components are a must need only ask Ford engineers why they used a 70mm on the Ford GT Supercar - an engine that makes up to 100HP LESS than a Kenne Bell Shelby.

Note: For ultra high HP competition applications use the KB 168mm 2150 - 2350 Throttle Body.

Our flow bench and dyno testing indicated the Kenne Bell 2.8L was capable of inhaling a lot of air - up to 1200HP. So we designed a huge oval shaped inlet system with a Big Oval 130mm Meter and Filter that measures 130mm and flows 1830 cfm. It feeds our own Dual 75mm Throttle Body and matching Inlet Manifold through an equally oversize Inlet Tube.

Designed for the Shelby GT 500, ’05 up Mustang GT, ’03 Cobra & Hemi. Mammoth Kits. Rated up to 800RWHP/940EHP. Stock 60MM and other replacement 62-66MM throttle bodies are a compromise and lack sufficient air flow for higher HP applications.

Must be used with Mammoth inlet. Note: Smaller filter, meter, inlet pipe & manifold will restrict air flow and limit HP potential of the throttle body. Recommended for Mammoth manifolds only.

Recommended for any application over 700RWHP
+15HP @ 700 and +50HP @ 835RWHP


Read what Technical Editor, Tom Wilson, has to say about dyno testing and driving the new Kenne Bell 2.8H 800HP Shelby Kit.
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